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Murals are a relatively new art form in post-colonial Hong Kong because it wasn't very long ago that almost all imagery displayed in the public domain carried a commercial message or advertised a product. Kong Ho founded the Hong Kong Mural Society, a non-porfit making art organization, on June 1, 1997, and shortly there after HKMS was commissioned to create 12 murals for a public art project called "The Art for the Masses Scheme – Care for Your Estate."  These murals gave people living in government housing estates the unprecedented chance to interact with artists who based the design of each mural on the cultural heritage and geographical location of each estate it would grace and honor. From its inception until the present time it has been the goal of Kong Ho and the members of the Hong Kong Mural Society to share their talents and inspiration with other artists and community members to create meaningful community murals that through time will serve to bring pride to individual communities by reminding them of their own unique cultural heritage and identity.