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Educational Mural Project:

Muralists-In-Schools Project is designed to let a lead muralist work collaboratively with school students and art teachers to develop murals that reflect their hopes, dreams, and beliefs.

Commissioned Mural Project:

HKMS works with sponsored organizations to create public murals in their community which reflect their missions or expectations. Examples of  organizations that would commission a mural project might be the Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Quality Education Fund, or the Social Welfare Department.

Community Mural Project:

Community based organizations work with HKMS to produce murals that showcase the identities of that particular neighborhood or community. An example of a community mural project might be a mural that is designed and painted for a youth or community center.


Through internships, HKMS will provide hands-on mural painting training, art education, and administration skill for interested individual. Interns will have opportunity to work as assistant artist to lead muralist on our future mural projects.